Pinterest – It doesn’t make anything

Guys. I need to say something. I was going to post today about something new and exciting. We’re closing on our house today! I wanted to share this picture of a hammock because there are two trees in our front yard that are perfectly spaced for one (and I’m pretty stoked about it)


So sweet, right? Well, I found it on Pinterest (AKA- the black hole of internet sources). After 10 minutes of searching for it’s original source, I gave up.

This has been happening more and more lately. As a blogger and a designer, I want to be able to provide you with original sources. It allows all of us to discover new websites and blogs. Inspiration is limitless with direct sources. But, you know what? Pinterest is making that nearly impossible these days. Have you ever clicked on an image link? Chances are it’s just an image file or goes to tumblr.

Ok – so you want to find a source. Google images is a great way to do that. You have the image and upload it. Bada bing bada boom, Google gives you a list of pages that have the image on them. You know what they are most of the time? They go back to those useless Pins or even worse….to blogs that never source their images ever. You know what that is? Lazy….and kind of rude. Imagine you worked really hard on a recipe or were a professional photographer. All of a sudden your images and ideas and being spread throughout internet-land and you never receive credit. Heartbreaking, right? It’s happening. To everyone. There’s no way to stop it.

What’s worse and is becoming my biggest pet peeve: “This is a Pinterest recipe” or similarly “This is a Pinterest idea”. Let’s just stop with that, please. Pinterest doesn’t make anything. It doesn’t create new recipes or design nurseries. It doesn’t teach us how to plant a garden or do our hair. It’s a collection of others’ ideas. Those ideas should be linking to blogs and informative websites. Chances are, that gluten-free pasta recipe wasn’t directly on Pinterest. A link was followed to a blog.  Let’s credit that blog and help it grow rather than giving the credit to the search engine. We don’t credit Google for helping us cook dinner. Why are we doing it with Pinterest?

Chances are, you may not have even considered the whole ‘sourcing’ issue with Pinterest. That’s totally normal and OK.

Pinterest is a great tool. I use it constantly. I don’t intend to stop.

But, I want you to know that I strive to always cite my sources (or at least give it the old college try). This will never be one of those places that’s just a collection of source-less images. I wouldn’t want someone to do that with my designs, so I certainly won’t do it to theirs. If I can’t find the source to something and you’ve found it on your own…please let me know!

End Rant.

Now….going to close on our house and crack open the 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon we’ve been saving for the occasion. :)


Breaking News

Guys!!! Guys. Big news. Hubby has given me “carte blanche” on the design of our new house! (The only caveat it that I’m required to share every little thing I do here on the blog. That’s not such a bad deal!)

So exciting! What should we do first?! I’m thinking something needs to get wallpapered!


(unknown source)

powder room final

(source also unknown. We need to cite our sources, people. Even Google image search doesn’t yield results anymore! But, a rant on that is coming later.)

Despite all my crazy ideas, I think I’m going to need to reign it in a bit. He has to live there, too, after all. Plus, if I change my mind on the crazy wallpaper…I have a feeling I’ll be tearing it out alone. The one room I’m going to go crazy in, though, is my office. That’s my own personal creative space, you know?! Might as well make the best of it!
What would you do if you had ‘carte blanche’ in your home?

Chic Neutral Kitchen

Just had to share this chic neutral kitchen!

Loving it for some many reason!

modern kitchen


Gotta dig the warm, neutral palette for starters. Everything matches, but each piece is a unique shade.

Those lights!! Love the bold choice to hang multiple fixtures rather than two or three at the same height. It adds much needed visual interest while the simple shapes keep it from being overwhelming.

The bench! How cool is that upholstered seating on the island? What a comfy seat for morning coffee!

The space is a great mix of modern and vintage styling. The totally modern blondewood cabinetry mixes with the slightly vintage looking lighting and accents. So chic.

What do you love about this space?


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